The Golden Age

(Dictated by Two Sprites)

What will life will be like after the times of tribulation, when our beloved Mother gives birth to a new Golden Age?

Mother Earth will be cleaner. Your skies will no longer be filthy with pollution, so the air will be fresh. Each breath you take will flood your spirit with joy, so pure will the air be. Instead of the sky being darkened by oppressive clouds of manmade pollutants, the sky will be blue and sparkling clear, ornamented with great, white clouds, illuminated by a bright, shining sun. The skies will no longer be filled with your machines, but instead with all manner of bright and beautiful birds and other mythological beings, such as bright, colorful dragons. Winged horses and beautiful griffins will also fill the skies, and even creatures that you thought had been extinct since the dinosaurs will fly in the skies as companions with these other beings. You will even find us, the Sprites, with our bright and beautiful wings twinkling up high in the sky, and you will hear our songs as we sing to the Mother and Father Creator and our beloved brother Jesus and to the rest of our cousins in Creation. You will hear our joyful laughter as we dance with the angels among the clouds.

Beneath the clean sky, we will find our Mother Earth freshly cleansed from all the illnesses brought upon her by the machines of Humanity. All the terrible wounds inflicted upon her in the name of wealth and progress will be healed. The monstrous factories that belch black smoke will be destroyed and turned into ash. Your great and terrible cities of concrete, which strive to suffocate the Mother beneath their buildings, sidewalks and streets, will be reclaimed by green things. Many oppressive manmade structures built to enslave our Mother and Humanity will fall quickly into decay. Their ruins will be overcome by the green vine, by the green grass, by massive trees whose roots will break and grind their bones into dust, and very soon, much more quickly than you could imagine, these structures will pass from the memory of Humanity. Since the automobiles you drive now will no longer work in this new world, the maintenance of your freeways will no longer be desired. Automobiles will pass away from memory, and so will the freeways. The green things will claim the roads. Determined plants will push up through the tar, causing it to crack, give way, fragment, and disappear. Therefore, the future roads of Humanity will no longer be unnatural, black ribbons of road, but grassy pathways which will gently travel upon Mother Earth in a companionable way and no longer as conquerors.

Great forests will be reborn and, scattered around them and within them, there will also appear great flowering meadows, great plains of grasses beneath a beautiful blue sky. Humanity will find their church among the cathedral of the great trees of these forests. They will sing their praises to the Mother and Father and Jesus beneath great domed canopies of leaves. Even your homes will be found within these great forests. You will learn to build your homes from the natural substances of Mother Earth. These new homes will be roomy, yet cozy, and will blend naturally into the Earth. They will no longer dominate the land, but become part of it. Humanity will accomplish this new art of home building through the teaching of their Fair Folk cousins, such as the Gnomes, the Elves, the Sprites, and other beings who wish to live in harmony with Mother Earth.

The climate of Mother Earth will be much milder than it is now. You will still have your seasons, spring, summer, fall and winter, but they will not be so harsh. There will still be warm days and cool nights. On the warm days, you will most likely wear lighter clothing, and the structure of your house will be built so it will remain cooler indoors. On the cool days, you will wear more clothing, and the structure of the house will keep the interior warmer. On the exceptionally cold days when you require a fire at your hearth, fuel will be provided to you. It will not be from the wood of trees or from electricity or from nuclear power. Energy will be created from wind power, water power, sun power, and, for the fireplace or for cooking, there will be a special type of plant. This plant has always been there, but it will be transformed, so that these plants or grasses will be everywhere, so they can be collected to provide fuel for cooking or building a fire in the fireplace. The burning of the fires from these grasses will not pollute the air, but will give off a pleasant aroma that will be pleasing to the senses while heating the home or providing fuel for cooking, almost like incense, but much more pleasant.

Humans will learn to live off the land again, through the art of agriculture. True, there will be large community farms, but most of Humanity’s nourishment will come from their own personal gardens, which will surround their homes in a circle. Much of Humanity’s needs, such as clothing, food, books, musical instruments and other items will be supplied to them by craftspeople or tradespeople during fairs in which several communities come together to share their wares with one another. You see, the unnecessary jobs of today, to which Humans now enslave themselves, will no longer be needed. Instead, what will be needed will be skilled craftspeople who can produce clothing, who can produce farm tools or turn swords into plowshares, who can produce books and musical instruments, and other needed wares. The youth of today will be these future craftspeople. While this may be a surprise to you, many of you who read this article will also be the future craftspeople, for, in these future times, you will discover skills you were unaware of, skills which now lie buried within your spirit. These unrealized gifts from the Mother and Father will take seed and sprout and suddenly blossom from within you, so, if you do not have a skill today, do not worry, for you will have a skill at that time, even if you are very old when these changes come.

Now, let us talk for a brief time about entertainment. No longer will your televisions or computers work in this new age. You will no longer have movies. No longer will your music machines work in this age. You will have to learn to be entertained in the old ways. Therefore, the art of storytelling and the art of the musician will be desperately desired. Therefore, the talents of the bard will be much sought after, and once again they will be held in high esteem in society, as will the small theatre companies. There will be more dancing, by those in dance companies, and by the local people at community dances and parties. Luckily the art of bookbinding will return, and books will become a very important commodity. Therefore, their survival is ensured. Community libraries will be maintained and new books written, thankfully, through a simple machine called the printing press. As I speak these words to you, Nyneve bemoans the loss of movies, while Merlin is internally lamenting the demise of television. Yet, though it may not seem so now, I can guarantee you that the entertainment will be richer, more fulfilling, in the future than it is now.

Concerning transportation, with the birth of the new age, Mother Earth will be actually be larger than she is now. As her spirit self and her physical self merge and become one, there will be more beings besides Humans living on Mother Earth than ever before. You must understand, however, that crowding will not be an issue at all, for so expansive will Mother Earth be that a person, if one wishes to, can quite easily live in isolation. Therefore, the distances between places will be much vaster than they are today, and you will not have your machines to get you there quickly. There will still be many travelers. They will just have to be more conscious of their destination. There will still be great sailing ships, and there will still be roads of a sort, covered in grass or perhaps in cobblestone or other natural substances, but your automobiles will be extinct. Therefore, you will have to learn to rely upon your feet, a well-filled knapsack, and a walking staff to get you where you wish to go. Along these natural highways, there will be many comfortable inns, which will be a welcome place of rest for the weary traveler. The traveler will pay for their room and board with credits earned within their communities, which will be accepted among the communities. There will also be other forms of currency, which we can perhaps discuss at a future time.

There will be some travel on horseback or by carriage or what you refer to as stagecoach, but understand that the animals at that time will have consciousness and be able to speak. Therefore, there will be a partnership between the animals and the Humans who provide the service. The Humans will no longer see themselves as masters and the animals as slaves, but must, in a form of business partnership, barter with the animal to provide service. What you refer to as bicycles will become very important in the future. There will be bicycles that carry just one person as you are now used to, and bicycles that are like small automobiles without engines that can carry two, three or four persons, so long as everyone in the vehicle takes part in the pedaling.

There will also be some air travel provided, in business partnerships with Humans. Some of these Humans’ partners will be Dragons, and only the very brave Humans will partake in Dragon air travel. These dragons will be so massive and large that they will be able to carry upon their backs structures that people can sit in as they travel the skies. Humans will feel the similarity in air travel upon Dragon-back to travel in a large airplane, except they will see outside the windows the great flapping wings of the Dragon. I think the trip will be quieter, and there will be less air accidents, for Dragons are very dependable in flying. But, understand, it will be the Dragon who will be the captain of the craft and it will be the Human who will act as the steward. There will also be great dirigibles which many Humans will put their trust in, great air ships which will be almost as large as the ships upon the sea. They will be very comfortable and roomy. They will fly over the land and take their passengers in great comfort to their destinations. Many Humans would rather trust in these machines than in the Dragons; yet travel by Dragon will be much faster than travel by dirigible. Understand that the motors of these dirigibles will not be machines, but will depend upon sails, the sun, and human power to maneuver these great crafts through the skies. As amazing as it sounds, they can carry many passengers, but they will be much slower than Dragon flight, and not as safe– safer than your planes, but not as safe as Dragons.

We have not spoken of the sea. The oceans will be clean and free of pollutants. The salt and water ratios will change so that Humans and other land beings will be able to drink of the ocean waters and not become ill. It will be like fresh water. Great sailing ships with tall masts and sails will fly over the surface of the ocean, and the sea serpents of myths and legends will rise above the waters to watch the ships as they pass by, but will not disturb them. Many Humans will want to become ocean travelers.

We cannot cover everything that could be said about the future of Mother Earth and the rest of Creation here, but hopefully it is clear to you by now that we of the Fair Folk will walk among Humanity and other beings as one family. We will step out of the myths and legends and become reality to the eyes of Humans. In this future world, all things will have consciousness, and Humanity will remember the language of the Fair Folk and of the trees and of the animals and of the stones, and we will all be able to speak to one another. It will be a wonderful time, a great time of fellowship for all of us.

Jesus will be our king of kings, our high king, a just ruler who will personally know all of our names. He will come to us and embrace us, look us in the eye, express his love to us, and we will express ours to him. He will laugh with us and walk with us and watch over us and protect us. Though he will be our protector and our king, he will be gentle with us, and there will be no ruler as wise as he. All the kings and queens of the earth will bow to him and pay homage to him and to his queen. His queen first took on the role of our beloved Mother Earth, and, for a short time when Jesus took Human form, she assumed Human embodiment in the form of Mary Magdalene. Upon the return of Jesus, our beloved Mother Earth will be reborn once more. She will become personalized to us in the form of a young, blushing bride to our beloved brother, Jesus. She will watch over us as our queen, and, like Jesus, she will love us and know our names and care for each one of us.

We have told you of many things which will occur in the future, but understand there is so much more that we do not have time or space to tell you. It would take years to tell you of all the changes to come. Hopefully, what we have provided here will give you some hope to get you through the hard times soon to come. We will all suffer for a few years until the return of our beloved brother, Jesus. Then, once again, in this new world, in this new land, we will walk together with our beloved Mother and Father and our beloved brother Jesus and our beloved Mother Mary Earth. Hand and hand we will walk in this bright new age filled only with promise, light and love.

Mother and Father’s Blessing,

Mira Hummingbird and Gwionbach Dragonfly and others of the Fair Folk