The Return of Arthur

The Death of King Arthur by James Archer (1823-1904)What was Arthur’s mission long ago? He had hoped to create a place that could be a beginning or gateway where the physical and spirit Mother would merge. It would be a safe place where people could live in peace and beauty unlike any that had existed since the Garden. It was hoped that the ripples of its energy would spread out to the whole world. It was to become a sacred kingdom presided over by humans and empowered by the light and love of the Holy Family. The veil between the spiritual and physical worlds was quite thin there—almost nonexistent. The appearance of such a kingdom could have been realized if Merlin and Nimue and Arthur and Gwenhwyfar and others of that time could have overcome their limiting egos and become just a bit more spiritually evolved. They did the best they could, but they were not perfect. No one is except the Mother and Father Creator and the Holy Child Jesus.

Though Arthur’s court appeared 1500 years too early, its light has not diminished, and even now it still shines brightly. As imperfect humans, the wonderful opportunity which existed then is coming to you once again, but it will only succeed by the loving will of the Holy Family and the faith and determination of humanity and all creation. The difference is that these times are even more dangerous for humanity than were those long ago days, for the possibility exists now for the end of civilization as you know it. This is a time of potential cataclysm which may mean the beginning of a pathway which will lead to that dreadful war, that terrible time you have heard called Armageddon.

Humanity is at the crossroads. Some will take a path that will at first appear to provide riches and comfort, prestige and power. In the end, however, it will lead only to despair and a darker dwelling place, a wasteland. Others will take another pathway that at first will appear to be contrary to what is considered a spiritual norm. This pathway may appear to be blocked by large stones, but these stones will be rolled away by our loving Mother and Father Creator and our loving brother Jesus and Mother Mary. This pathway will lead further into the heart of the forest wilderness where there will be light and laughter and love, healing and redemption. The time is coming for the day of decision when the battles between light and dark will begin and sides will be taken. Sadly, the shades of gray will fade away.

This is the time for Arthur to reawaken, the time for the return of the Summer King. He will return just before the time of great trouble to be a bright light against the storm of darkness that will soon overwhelm humanity and all creation. As before when he came to save the people of Britain, he is again coming to save a people. Though it is uncertain how great his influence will be at this time, whether he will lead a small band of people or an entire nation or nations, he will be one of the last shield walls for his people, a shelter for them from the terrible storm winds of the Evil One.  Arthur and Gwenhwyfar, who will join him once again, will be reminders, two brightly-lit candles whose flames refuse to be blown out by the terrible winds and rain from that dark storm of the Evil One. With the help of Merlin and Lili and others placed on the front line shield wall, he will help others remember our loving Mother and Father and their Holy Child, our loving brother Jesus and Mother Mary. Arthur and Gwenhwyfar will help all of us hold on to each other tightly until the storm passes and help arrives.

In this human world, especially in this country, there is no place for a King or Queen. They are not needed, for this nation has its president and senators and congressmen and governors and many other politicians. We do not know if Arthur will become a King once again for it appears, at present, he and Gwenhwyfar do not have a place in this society in those roles. In a few years, however, these governments may change drastically. If such authority is thrust upon them once again, they must receive it in all humbleness and realize they are not to be rulers, but servants of the people and the land. They must understand that the land and the people are not separate, but one. If her children are ill, the mother is ill. If the mother is ill, her children are ill. Arthur and Gwenhwyfar and Merlin and Lili are to be healers, not through their own power, but through the love of the Holy Parents, Christ and Mother Mary.

It appears that their immediate task – and your own, dear reader – is to WAKE UP right now. Listen now and hear the call of the mighty warhorn as it is sounded to awaken your spirits. Learn to be a blessing to the Mother Earth and her children. Learn to be servant leaders, to take a stand against the brutalization of the Mother and all of her children, whoever and wherever they may be, whether Faery or human or animal or stone or sky or water or any manner of green thing.

Arthur and Gwenhwyfar, dear children, we of the Faerie, we of the Sidhe, we the people of the hidden mounds cry out to you from our realms in Tir na n’Og. Open your hearts and open your spirit eyes that you may act as midwives to assist in the rebirth of Mother Earth, as her spirit self and physical self join and become one once more. Be there for the return of Jesus and the return of the Garden. Finally, please hearken to the gentle, loving voice of our Mother and our Father God. Reach out and grasp the hand of our loving brother, Jesus, and feel the warm embrace of Mother Earth surround you.

Awake Arthur, the Bear, and Gwenhwyfar, the White Spirit! Awake from your slumber!