Pet Farewell Ceremony

When your pet’s physical body dies, she may remain with you for a time in spirit form. Eventually, however, she will go exploring and find beautiful pathways to travel. She will not forget you, but will come to check on you from time to time. Pets are very protective if they have been well-treated. Here is a ceremony you might wish to perform to ease the grief of separation from your pet. It will take place over a period of three nights.

Upon death, your pet regressed back to when she was young and healthy. She is happy, but worried about you. On the first night, light a candle. Then see yourself playing with your pet as a you did when she was young. After a time, tell her goodnight, and blow out your candle. Tell your pet she can go play.

On the second night, light your candle and speak to your pet about her journey to the spirit world. Tell her how happy she will be there, but that if she wishes, she can still come and visit you any time. Ask your pet to tell you about the beautiful meadows and other places she has travelled since she left you. Then tell her goodnight and that you will see her again tomorrow to say good-bye. Blow out your candle.

On the third night, reminisce again with your pet. Then say good-bye and blow out your candle. Your pet may still stay with you for a time, but eventually she will be distracted away on purpose by angels, or perhaps by a tempting squirrel or a clumsy bird who will lead her further and further away into the fields of heaven. She will be well taken care of there and given much love. Should both you and your pet wish it at a later time, she may choose to return to you as a new puppy or kitten.

For simplicity’s sake, we refer here to dogs and cats, but this ceremony would be appropriate for any pet you have loved.