Negative Spirit Removal

A Short Prayer

When you are troubled by an evil spirit or spirits, you can call upon Jesus and the angels for help.  The prayer that follows can be recited either silently or out loud in a firm voice. If you have not done so in the past, it would be helpful to sincerely ask Jesus to come into your heart before you begin the prayer.

“In Jesus’ name, I bind and banish all evil spirits and entities from this house [this office, this land, etc.]. I call upon the angels to come and take them away where they will never trouble me or anyone or anything else ever again.  In Jesus’ name, Amen.  Mother, Father, Jesus [or you can just say God], please fill this house [this office, this land, etc.] with your presence.  In Jesus’ name, Amen.”

You might also add a thank you at the end.

A Longer Prayer

If you have a companion, join hands first. Say a prayer to the Creator Mother and Father in whatever way you visualize them. Ask that by sky, sea and land they will send their angels to aid you. If you have seen the spirit or negative energy with your inner vision, you may visualize it as what you have seen. If you believe it is a negative energy and not a spirit, you might choose to visualize it as a large spider or other venomous insect, realizing that its continued presence in your life may cause you harm, mentally, spiritually, and even physically. If you believe it is a spirit, you might visualize a non-specific human form.

With prayers, imagine a great tunnel of light opening above you. See angels filling this tunnel and whatever spirit guides you feel will come to your aid. From within this tunnel, you hear the angels singing a beautiful song of healing which will free you from this negative spirit or energy. Feel the presence of the Holy Mother and Father Creator above you, below you, on either side of you, before you and behind you. See this light become brighter, and as the light grows stronger, hear the angelic voices become louder, more powerful and more uplifting. As their voices increase in power and strength, the spirit or negative energy begins to release its hold. The louder the music becomes, the weaker the spirit or energy becomes until finally it releases from you and is pulled into the tunnel.

Understand that if this spirit being is of the darkness, it cannot survive in this tunnel of light, and it will disintegrate, turn to dust, and become no more, for even the dust will be destroyed. If, on the other hand, the spirit is not wholly of the dark, when it enters the tunnel, it will be guided by spirit helpers to a place where it belongs, and it will not return to trouble you.

Now let this tunnel of light engulf you so that its healing energy may heal your aura and your spirit and your mind and your body. After a time, when you have dwelt in the light, give thanks to the Holy Mother and Father Creator, and, if you are of the Christian faith, to your brother Jesus. If you are not, give thanks in your own way.