The Days to Come

Dante Gabriel Rossetti [Public domain], via Wikimedia CommonsThe information that follows was given to us by two Gnome Elders on October 2, 2000.

We acknowledge that many people at this time are increasing their material wealth, so they can purchase the many things they have always dreamt of. Humanity’s means of entertainment has become more complex; more advanced; and, therefore, requires more of Mother Earth’s resources. Many people are also learning, or have been given the opportunity, to climb the social ladder. This is exciting to them for, contrary to what Americans have been taught in their schools and churches, this is not a truly classless society, and through the accumulation of wealth and power, they find themselves suddenly standing higher in society.

Yes, the good times are here, but they will not continue. We do not know when they will cease, though it will not be in the too distant future, but perhaps within the next few years. We do not think it will be ten years, or even five years, but, of course, only the Mother and Father Creator know everything. It is in the best interests of the Evil One for prosperity to continue for a time, for more and more of the Earth will become subjugated, so that the needs of the people with their new-found wealth can continue to be met. The more you possess, the more you want, and you become enslaved to it. It is not wrong to become wealthy and have material things, but be aware you may be exchanging spiritual growth for material things. As you become more wealthy, be aware of your spiritual health.

When the good times cease, you will find your ability to purchase material things will become limited, and this will cause much frenzy within humanity. Never fear, however, for the ability to purchase things will reappear. Sadly, it will return with the Evil One, who will come in the guise of a human messiah. He will appear to bring security to a chaotic political system and financial system and will offer once again the opportunity to become financially secure. This security will come at a high price, however, for the cost will be spiritual enslavement. Therefore, it would be good to learn now to be grateful for what you have and what you are receiving, for in the future, you will be forced to make a choice. You will have to choose between serving the Evil One, or serving the Mother and Father. This choice will apply to people of every faith, for the Evil One does not care what faith you are, so long as you remain indebted to him in some manner, ensnared in his net of false promises and illusions. Neither do the Mother and Father care what faith you are, for in the presence of the Mother and Father, there is no religion. It is not important to them what faith you belong to, so long as you love them with all your heart and return to them and strive to be a healer and not a destroyer.

In the days to come, you will have two choices. You will be able to continue life the way you know it now, but enslaved by the Evil One in whose heart there is no Mother, or you can begin a new life. Sadly, the new life will mean bidding farewell to some of your comforts, such as to an increase of coin in your life, your hard-won place in society, and even farewell to some, if not all, of your material possessions. You must learn to live a simple life again, to live on the face of the Great Mother in the old ways, in the ways of your ancestors—that is, without machines. Therefore, if you intend to choose the way of the Mother and Father, it is in your best interest now to learn a needed skill or craft of old, so that you will be so valuable to a society in distress and of such great benefit to those around you that you will be guaranteed the ability to earn coin to support yourself and your family.

Why is this so important? Because the good times will come to an abrupt end due to sudden political upheavals, even in this country where such a thing seems impossible, where your government seems so stable. This will occur due to three events. The first event will be the disruption of your financial marketplace. The second event will be the widespread disruption of the world’s financial marketplaces. The third event, which is actually the cause of the first and second events, will be a great upheaval due to massive, terrible Earth changes, and also wars where you thought wars could never be fought. During that time of change, it will not matter if you are rich or poor, for everyone will feel the effects. It is possible that for a time the rich and poor will search side by side in the rubble for food, and wealth and political power will mean nothing.

These events will set the stage for the appearance of the Evil One in the guise of a God man, a holy man, who comes to set the world’s troubles aright and restore what the people have lost. Sadly, he will take more than he will give, and you children of Mother Earth will need to watch the future closely for his appearance. That is why you will need to choose whether or not to serve under his ideal of society, which requires the complete domination of Mother Earth, so that your merchants may have the material resources to produce goods. As the months pass under his regime, those who refuse to be fooled by his ways will become outcasts, and the outcasts will need to learn to take care of their loved ones and themselves and to care for strangers. Those who refuse to accept the mark of enslavement will suffer for a time, but this false good man, this false holy man, will eventually show his true colors, and those who have served under him and have gained so much will lose everything.

Again, it is not important what religion you belong to, for your faith will not decide whom you will serve. You will make the decision within your heart. And, though it is a hard thing to say, even those who become minions of the Evil One will in the end realize that Christ is the true Messiah. These times that are coming in the not-too-distant future will be confusing. They are confusing even to us who can see the future more clearly. All we can tell you is that after the time of the Great Storm, the great destruction, the Evil One will appear like a messiah to save the world, and even many of those who are very religious, or what you refer to as the mainstream churches, will be fooled by him at first. You will find, ironically, that many followers of what are now considered opposing religions, such as pagans and Christians and other faiths, will find themselves in the camp of the Holy Parents, serving them and striving to keep each other alive. In the Evil One’s camp will be many of those from the mainstream denominations who, as time goes by, will become more corrupt as they continue in the Evil One’s service.

Whether you choose to believe–or not to believe–our warnings of the future, at least consider learning a skill, even if you do so for no other reason than to endeavor to become more independent of society. There is no need to remove yourself from society and become an isolationist or a hermit in a cave, but rather learn a skill of old so that you may become more self-sufficient and have pride in yourself. Strive, as well, to help the Great Mother in whatever ways you can, for your own small efforts do make a difference to her. Decide now to learn to conserve water. In refugee camps, you are fortunate if you have a gallon of water a day, and you may have to stand in line for eight hours to receive that gallon. Use as few lights in your home as possible. Walk instead of drive whenever you can. Put no poisons in the ground to further pollute the Great Mother’s land and water. Do not buy items you do not truly need—learn instead to live with less by choice, so that you may find it easier to live with less if you have no choice. Count your blessings. See that everyone and everything is connected. Take an interest in people who have very little in your community and also in the rest of the world. Learn to treat everything with a sense of respect. Change yourself now, that you may become strong and prepared for the future, whatever it may bring.

In closing, please learn to hear the voices of your Mother and Father Creator. Wayward children, come home to your loving Mother and Father. Come home to the rest of your family who misses you. Come back to the Garden with the rest of Creation.