Olden Times

Artwork © Jonathon Earl Bowser - www.JonathonArt.comUpon the sacred Isle of Avalon in ancient Britain, in the days of King Arthur and Queen Gwenhwyfar, there existed a school that taught the old ways, including a love for both God and Goddess and for Mother Earth. Although Avalon left the physical realm long ago, it still exists and flourishes in Tir na n’Og, the spirit realm where many of the Faerie tribes dwell.

The legends from the days of Arthur speak of how Merlin, the magician, fell deeply in love with Nimue (sometimes known as Viviane or Nyneve), the Lady of the Lake. What the legends do not tell is that Nimue also loved Merlin very much, and they became husband and wife. They were together still when Merlin died of old age many years after the death of King Arthur. During their years together, Merlin and Nimue shared many visions, but above all things, they wished to restore a sense of balance to the religious teachings of the Christian priests and the druids. They hoped to bring forth the understanding that the Mother Goddess is the divine mate of Father God, and that, as loving Holy Parents, they, and their son, Jesus, share a great love for all creation, including Humanity. Though, for a time, they believed they might succeed in that mission, it ultimately became clear to them that this was not to happen in their lifetimes. Humanity today has strayed even farther from the understanding that the Holy Mother Creator is an equal partner to the Holy Father Creator.

King Arthur’s court existed over fifteen hundred years ago, but our own connection with Merlin and Nimue began more recently. In 1997, two Gnomes first introduced themselves to us at our home in North Carolina. This was the first visit of many, as more and more members of the Celtic Faerie tribes came to speak with us in the weeks and months that followed. They told wonderful stories, but we quickly came to realize that these beautiful and long-lived people could also provide answers to our many spiritual questions. The Fair Folk told us that although we were given the names David and Carol in this life, they also know us by our Fair Folk names of Merlin and Ealilithea (or Lili for short). They also reminded us they had known us during the days of Arthur and Gwenhwyfar.

They said they hoped we would wish to rebuild the close relationship we had shared in the past, and they offered to help us write a book that would include many of their own stories and spiritual teachings. They told us we had chosen our current lives so we could help to make the teachings of Avalon available once more, but we must begin to teach without delay, for great changes will come soon to Mother Earth and her children.

During the time we have spent with those we now refer to as our Faerie family, we have grown to understand that the Faerie teachings have meaning for the survival of Humanity and of all Creation. Filled with love and compassion, these teachings offer hope for the reunion of all Humanity with the people of the Faerie and, most importantly, with Mother and Father Creator, and their son, Jesus. Some of the Faerie teachings and ceremonies are included at this website and in our books, Gnomes in the Garden and The Celtic Owl. Celtic holiday celebrations are also held at our home in Weaverville, near Asheville, North Carolina. We hope these teachings may be of help to you as you travel through your life.

Artwork © Jonathon Earl Bowser