Two Healing Meditations


Healing Meditation with Jesus

The following healing meditation will work for those of the Christian faith and also for those who are not Christian. Jesus’ ministry on earth was not to start a religion, but to bring healing to all humanity (which also includes the faerie folk) and all Creation by introducing the kingdom of God. God loves you whether you be a Christian, a non-Christian, or even if you have no faith whatsoever. It is promised in the Scriptures that in the end Jesus, as the King of Kings, will bring healing to all humanity, to Mother Earth and to all Creation. Jesus is the healer of all peoples, not just those of the Christian faith.

Keeping this in mind – that Jesus is the greatest healer of all – we suggest you ask him for healing. After saying a prayer to Jesus, visualize him in front of you and laying hands upon you. See yourself in the future as being healthy and whole. At the greatest moments of your pain, whether it be physical, mental or spiritual, continue with this vision of seeing yourself healthy and whole and happy.

Healing Meditation with Heaven & Earth Energy

You might also perform the following meditation to help call in positive healing energy for your situation. This meditation can be performed as often as you wish.

First say a prayer to Jesus or God for healing and protection before you begin the healing meditation. Now envision yourself as a tree, standing upright in a forest.

Watch as green energy from Mother Earth travels from your roots up through your body, rising to your heart level.

See golden light pouring down from heaven, like water cascading over your body from the top of your head to your heart, where this light joins together with the green energy from Mother Earth.

When these heaven and earth energies meet and merge together, this causes an explosion or flaring of a golden green bubble of light, which completely surrounds your body.  This bubble is filled with good health and will assist you in the healing of mind, body and spirit. Visualize yourself within this bubble as healthy, happy and whole. Once you are done with the visualization, remember to thank Jesus or God for the healing that is happening within you.