The Twelve Earth Warrior Strands

Edmund Leighton [Public domain], via Wikimedia CommonsThe original Garden of Eden still exists in the spiritual realm. The Garden is referred to by the Faerie as Tir na n’Og, while humans might refer to it as Heaven or Paradise or a hundred other names. The Faerie believe the spiritual Garden will one day be reunited with the physical Earth. You might also say, the spiritual Great Mother will be reunited with the physical Great Mother. When this time comes, the Mother Goddess, Father God, Christ and Mary will walk among humans again. The people of the Faerie will be reunited with their human cousins. Humans will come to understand that animals, birds, fish, plants and rocks are just as important as they are, and they will learn to communicate with them as they once did long ago.

It is up to humans whether the joining of the spiritual Earth and the physical Earth happens easily, or whether it happens following great Earth changes and the horror of Armageddon. Humans cannot continue to despoil the Great Mother Earth, for the Holy Parents will not allow the death of their beloved daughter. It is possible that if enough humans choose to change their ways and learn to love and respect the Great Mother Earth, some of the worst devastation may be avoided or at least lessened. For this to happen, a great change must come to many human hearts. Prayer is a great source of change. The Evil One who encourages the Earth’s destruction does not care much for prayer, for by praying, you may learn to hear the words of the Holy Parents and realize how close to you they really are.

You do not have to sit helplessly by while the world rushes toward catastrophe. The Faer Folk of the Grove have given twelve positive actions you can personally do to change the world. Try one or try all of them, but please do something now!

1. Take an active role in defending Mother Earth by joining a group or starting one of your own.

2. In whatever faith you take comfort or find most nourishing to your spirit, learn to return to the loving embrace of the Holy Mother and Father and Christ and Mary, or if you are not of the Christian faith, to the Mother and Father Creator.

3. Become defenders of the defenseless, whether they are human or animal or green thing or sky or water or any part of creation.

4. Always seek knowledge, not only physical knowledge that serves your realm, but also spiritual knowledge. Always seek to learn new things.

5. Learn to play a musical instrument, and learn to develop your skills in an art of any kind that brings you the greatest sense of accomplishment, and partake of and enjoy the arts of others for this can bring you closer to nature.

6. Learn to connect to Mother Earth as a proper child should, through the art of gardening or taking walks in nature or becoming what humans refer to as a naturalist. Become an expert on the ways of your Mother Earth.

7. Learn to train yourself to become a warrior. Strengthen your body and spirit through exercise that you may handle the rigors of combat in any physical or spiritual situation. Disdain modern weapons. Instead favor the use of the staff and of the sword and of the physical martial arts. In developing these skills, you will learn to grow into a powerful warrior for the Holy Parents, Christ, Mary and all creation.

8. Learn to be a healer, whether it is a healer of humans, of animals, or of Mother Earth herself. Choose a healing field that captures your heart and interest, and strive to be an expert within it.

9. Learn to give counsel and take counsel. Learn to be a counselor and to give good advice to those who are troubled. Learn to be a good listener and hear clearly the needs of others, but also so that you yourself may receive counsel when needed.

10. Learn to be a leader when there is a need for leaders and a follower when there is a need for followers.

11. Learn to be a peacemaker or ambassador of peace in times of conflict.

12. Whatever path you follow, cultivate the light of the Holy Mother and Father Creator within your own spirit, so that you will be a bright light unto others in a time of darkness.