History of Atlantis


Some of the History of Atlantis as told by the Fair Folk

Dante Gabriel Rossetti [Public domain], via Wikimedia CommonsThe continent of North America, including Canada and South America, was once a huge part of the continent of Atlantis. The land mass of old Atlantis reached far into the Atlantic Ocean, with the land mass itself comparable in size to China with half of Russia combined. Since much of the land in Atlantis was close to or below sea level, there were vast bodies of fresh water like mini oceans, similar to the Great Lakes in the United States. Some of these Atlantian mini oceans were even larger than the Great Lakes in America. There were many of these vast bodies of water on the continent of Atlantis.

Atlantian Technology

The technology of Atlantis was much different from ours, perhaps appearing to our modern technology as almost magical, which in some ways it was, but with it own strict laws of science. In the golden age of Atlantis, their technology was what we would call green technology, which was far more sophisticated then our modern, dirty, polluting technology. In those golden years when Atlantis was the major power on Mother Earth, representing in some ways the civilization of the whole planet, our world was held in greater respect by off world civilizations. This resulted in more direct contact and trade with visitors from other worlds. In the golden years, Atlantis’ technology did not scar nature as much as current human technology, so many facets of their technology in those good years were very green. Much of this Mother Earth friendly-technology was due to Faerie/Human contact and by Humans observing how we performed our magic, or harmony workings, which were and are still very kind to our Mother Earth. We Faire Folke, when working any magic or harmony working, always make sure it is in harmony with our loving Creator and our beloved Mother Earth. In those very few years of peaceful contact between Humans and Faerie, the Atlantians created many beautiful gardens and many beautiful things. In the later years of the Atlantian Empire, the Atlantians forgot to be in harmony with the Creator and Mother Earth, and their technology mutated into something evil. The Atlantians had taken the Faerie magic they had observed and twisted it almost beyond recognition, using it to dominate the land and other peoples, including us. To impose their will on nature, they began to use forces that caused earthquakes and volcanoes and disrupted weather patterns.

Faire Folke in Atlantis

In those ancient times, before the Human/Faerie wars, the Faire Folke were more spread out through the continents of Mother Earth. Many Fair Folk of all kinds resided in the large land mass of Atlantis. When we of the Faire Folke sensed Atlantis had become too corrupted, too evil to survive, and was declining as a civilization, we voluntarily moved, or were driven back by war with the Humans, deeper into the Faerie realm that is beyond the Human realm. Other Faerie found lands in this realm not populated by Humans, which were far easier to find in the old days. It was not like today where Humans seem to be almost everywhere on the face of Mother Earth. In those ancient times of the Faerie wars, Humans were more aggressive toward the Faerie than they are now. However, that is only because many of you Humans don’t believe in us now, and since you believe we do not exist, you no longer view us as a threat.

Atlantis Compared to the Greek and Roman Empire

The empires of Greece and Rome were but a weak memory of Atlantian power. In those days, the entire continent was called Atlantis, and the capital was called Atlantia.  Atlantia began as a small village and then grew into a large city-state much like Rome, but the might of Rome never equaled the might of Atlantis. It is thought that our modern governments inherited democracy from Greece, but actually democracy was an old, distant memory of Atlantian democracy, remembered by the Greeks. In Atlantis’ golden years, their democracy was more advanced than that of Greece–in some ways more democratic than that of your own western countries, including the United States.

Atlantian Government

Originally, the smaller Atlantian government ruling over Atlantia and nearby territories was more democratic and in harmony with the land, but as Atlantis grew larger through conquest, it became more of a bureaucratic city-state like Rome, encompassing other areas far outside Atlantia. Over the centuries of ruling a massive empire of conquered people, Atlantis developed an addiction to their power and great wealth from the tribute taken from the weaker kingdoms and city-states. In the end, Atlantian democracy was finally crushed by a dictatorship of greed, disguised as patriotism.

The Fall of the Atlantian Middle Class and the Rise of Slavery

In the last few centuries of Atlantian rule, the Atlantians became more and more abusive of those who owed them tribute. They began holding slaves, keeping the more attractive people in Atlantia and sending the less attractive outside the city. They also kidnapped people from the outlying areas to become their slaves. The government became less democratic, and the politicians won by deceit, lying, and by accepting bribes from rich merchants with vast financial empires, much like your corporations of today. Their technology, which began as harmonious, became disharmonious to the land. The lands of Atlantis and of the world began to suffer from forms of pollution. Great swaths of forest were clear-cut to provide timber for furniture and homes. Entire mountains of stone were leveled to use for building stone. Most of the dwellings of the wealthy were made from different types of stone enriched with gems and carved stone. Wood was used mainly for furniture, walls and beams inside the buildings. The gap between rich and poor became wider, and the middle class was rapidly disappearing, if not already gone at the end. Those of the middle class who remained had homes made from brick or wood, while the poor had homes made mainly from mud, brick and thatch.

Atlantian Conquest and Patriotism

Due to the size of Atlantis’ large land mass, much of the continent remained rural, green and untouched, except for those areas the Atlantian armies chose to surge into, later to be followed by Atlantian colonists, much to the sorrow of the natives already living in that land. The Atlantian government would send governors in to control those newly conquered territories. The native population would try to preserve their own traditions, but also absorbed many traditions of Atlantian people. A generation later or less, the children of these conquered people, forgetting the years of suffering their grandparents had endured at the beginning of Atlantian rule, when asked their nationality would exclaim, “Why, I am an Atlantian, of course,” although they had never even seen the city of Atlantia.

Atlantians Set Themselves up as Gods

In their pride over their power and wealth, the Atlantians’ religious society began to develop minor gods who were more self-serving of their political purposes than the true Creator of the universe. The rulers and others of the governing class began to see themselves as gods or demi-gods. Eventually, every Human with an inflated ego in the city-state of Atlantia came to think they were gods or at least god-like. They had statues made of themselves and of their ancestors, demanding that the people outside of Atlantia worship these images and bring them sacrifices.

The Creator Sends Warnings

Because of the earth changes brought on by the Atlantians through their abuse of Mother Earth, the Creator knew Atlantis would destroy humanity and the earth. The Creator sent them warnings through earthquakes, drought, tidal waves, and tornadoes, but the Atlantians refused to listen and just tried harder to increase their power over Creation. Many of the environmental problems of the Earth today are the same difficulties faced by the Atlantians. Global warming from Atlantian pollution was causing the ice caps to melt. Due to the large amounts of heat, the weather patterns were changing. In the past, at the crucial crossroads of history, when a civilization becomes too dangerous to the earth, Mother Earth must make drastic environmental changes to survive and protect her other children. To her sorrow, she knew that Atlantis had gone too far.

Atlantian Wizards Cause Mischief

Atlantian wizards were using black magical technology in a last attempt to save Atlantis, by raising the sunken lands out of the depths of the ocean; however, the wizards’ negative energy backfired, causing even more devastation to the land. Due to these experiments gone very wrong, larger segments of Atlantis became marshy and sank beneath the waves. The mini freshwater oceans and other water bodies grew larger and larger, and oceans began to take back the shores. Very quickly (as could happen to the United States if the Great Lakes and the Gulf of Mexico were to meet), the ocean poured into the interior of Atlantis, causing large tracts of land to sink beneath the ocean waves. More and more earth changes continued to occur as the glaciers melted, the weather became cooler, and the winters longer, for a new ice age was beginning.

The Last Atlantian Faire Folke Leave Atlantis

The last of the Faire Folke of Atlantis were driven into more and more remote areas of the land. After a time, when we saw there was no hope for Atlantis, we migrated over the whole earth, joining our relatives in the Celtic and European lands and traveling to what was later called America. We also joined our kin in the Asian and Middle Eastern lands and islands that dotted the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.

Final Days of Atlantis

At the very end, except for Atlantia, most of the Atlantian continent had been flooded or burned or had sunk beneath the ocean waves. Though a shadow of its former self, Atlantia was still a power to be respected. Even when Atlantis was at its weakest militarily, other kingdoms and peoples not conquered by Atlantia still feared their power. The remnants of Atlantia’s government still feared the day when they would lose Atlantian dominance of the then known world of affairs, and so, through patriotic fervor, lust for power, and a desire for a return to their former greatness, the government of Atlantia decided to have their wizards weave mighty magic to subdue those unconquered civilizations on continents outside the remaining land of Atlantis. By conquering the kingdoms on other continents, they believed Atlantis would once again have land to settle on, replacing the land lost to the ocean waves.

Atlantis’ Greatest Weapon

In the end, one of Atlantis’ greatest weapons was the use of sound waves. You have heard about it in the old Celtic texts, that sometimes the armies of the Formorians would use their screams, and even the old Celtic druids would scream and shriek so loudly their enemies’ eardrums would burst, their courage would melt, and their bowels turn to water. Then they would either stand frozen in fear, open to the sword thrusts of their enemy, or their armies would turn and run. What the Celts or even the Formorians used against opposing armies was nothing compared to what the Atlantians could do. They had discovered a way to amplify sound waves from a central point, so that the sound wave would echo outwards. From this central point, the Atlantians could direct the sound weapon this way or that way or in a complete circle all around them. The sound waves would build upon their own echoing and become stronger and stronger, sending shock waves of sound and blinding flashes of light, very similar to a nuclear blast, but without the radiation. This blast of sound and blinding light was even worse than a nuclear blast, for it would rip a hole in the fabric of time and space. These sound waves caused the ground to tremble in powerful earthquakes, volcanoes to erupt, and terrible wind and rainstorms to strike. Like your nuclear explosions of today, the sound weapon caused human beings to turn to dust. At the shock of the wave, massive stone buildings and even mountains would implode.

Off World Visitors Kept Their Distance from Atlantis

The power of Atlantis at the end was so terrible that even their connections with those beings from off world (who actually came from this world originally) kept their ships away, because the Atlantians were able to send sound waves into deep space, where they would turn into silent shock waves.

Atlantis Destroyed by its own Weapon of Mass Destruction

In the center of Atlantia was a great domed building. It had windows at the top where light shone through, casting pillars of light to the beautiful tile floor below. It was in this very beautiful room that a shock wave weapon was kept. In the center of this room was a very deep well that had been magnetized in some manner. Above this well shone a brilliant crystal that never should be lowered into the well, unless Atlantia was about to go down in hopeless defeat, for if the crystal was lowered into the well, then a terrible sound wave would erupt, causing the buildings of Atlantia to crumble to dust and the heart of Atlantis to sink beneath the waves.

Faerie Human Rebels Sink Atlantis

At a time when Atlantis was not under attack from foreign armies, rebels of mixed Faerie and Human blood gained access to the crystal room. These rebels had come to the decision that Atlantia could not be allowed to continue on its path of destruction of the earth. The Faerie Human rebels lowered the crystal into the well, and Atlantia crumbled and sank beneath the ocean.

Atlantian Influence Still in the World

After the explosion, there was a long period of chaos in the outer Atlantian lands, because there was no central Atlantian government to dominate them. Among the survivors in these outer lands were minor warlords and petty kings and wizards who fought each other. At this time, many of the Faire Folke were in their new lands in the realms beyond. When peace through exhaustion from the wars came, some of the more decent humans spread out across what was left of the Atlantian continent and to lands across the now much wider ocean. That is why you have bits and pieces of Atlantian influence in the Pacific Islands, such as the giant heads on Easter Island. In Britain, you will find Stonehenge and Avebury, while other stone circles can be found throughout the Celtic lands and other parts of Europe.

The Pyramids

The Sphinx and the Pyramids in Egypt, as well as the Pyramids found in South America, were also influenced by the ancient memory of Atlantis. One of the many places we Faire Folke like to pray to the Creator is on top of mountains. The Creator’s presence can be felt very strongly on top of a mountain. Likewise, the Atlantians built their Pyramids to raise and magnify power. We Faire Folke stood on mountaintops made by the Creator, but the Atlantians built their own man made mountaintops.


Even in the United States are burial mounds and figures cut in turf in the Midwest. That is from the influence of the Atlantians. There were Native peoples on the American continent long before Atlantis sank beneath the waves. They are known now as the First People of America. Living as they did in the hinterlands of Atlantis, they were left mostly alone. After the sinking of Atlantia, some of the more peaceful Atlantians joined the Native folk. As the ice caps continued to melt, more and more water flowed in, and the continents took a shape similar to the way they appear now. The North and South American continents are the remains of the extreme western edge of Atlantis. The lost city-state of Atlantia and its surrounding lands lies beneath the waves in the Atlantic Ocean, between Europe and North and South America.

The Future

Rome was a very impressive state when the Creator brought it down to its knees. It was the most powerful empire of its time. The city of Rome still exists, of course, but it will never again be the Roman Empire. Atlantis will never rise again to be a mighty empire, but parts of its land and people still survive, so it is not totally gone. If you were born in this land, you are most likely a descendant of Atlantis; you have Atlantian blood. Atlantis, in its day, affected the whole world, and its influence is still being felt. America now is a modern mixture somewhere between Rome and Atlantis, and, like the Atlantis of the past, Americans must now learn to change the way they view the Mother and Father Creator, other people, and Mother Earth. The people of America must realize they are part of the earth and not above her and that people from other lands are their brothers and sisters. They must understand that Mother Earth is their mother, animals and the earth itself are part of her, and humans need the animals and people in other lands. America should not allow itself to become the imperialist type of nation it could become in the future. Any nation that becomes too powerful and threatens to dominate the world will, at some point in its history, be brought low enough by the Mother and Father that they will need to begin again, although they will not be totally destroyed. The most recent example in your history is Germany, but if you read farther back into ancient history, you will find Babylon, a mighty empire that fell not once, but twice, for it is now known as Iraq. Much further back, you will find Atlantis, now called America.