The Great Storm: A Prophecy


2015 Update

We have received more information from our Faerie family regarding the future of our nation and Mother Earth. We dearly hope that these prophecies do not come to pass, for they will bring great calamity and sorrow to us all. Because humanity has not turned away from polluting Mother Earth, these new prophecies, along with the earlier ones, have become more likely to happen than ever before.

Entering inArtwork from 120 Great Victorian Fantasy Paintingsto this mix of calamities is fracking for natural gas. Because of fracking, there will be an increase in the number of earthquakes in the near future. There will be earthquakes where there have seldom been earthquakes before. These quakes will increase in intensity and become more commonplace. In other words, in areas where earthquakes have occurred every few hundred years, fracking will cause these quakes to increase significantly. Tragically, in some areas, quakes may become a daily event, causing great devastation and making these areas uninhabitable for humans and even animals. These quake-prone areas will become deserted wastelands. The city of Chernobyl will be as a paradise compared to these quake-prone areas. When these earthquakes increase in occurrence and strength, they will result in the likelihood of more tidal waves striking the coastlines of all countries of the world.

Because of those in political and monetary power who refuse to heed the warnings of the Creator and Mother Earth (mainly because of their own desire to amass money and power), the calamities on Mother Earth will become so bad that even these powerful individuals will find their lives significantly affected. To make matters even worse for them, the average citizens will fling the politicians out of their political offices, while the rich CEO’s will be pulled down from their ladders of wealth by mobs of the angry fading middle class and the growing poor.

Oil pipelines will more frequently rupture, spreading their deadly oil throughout the lands they pass through. Drilling in the Antarctic, as well as along the coastlines, will result in system failures, causing horrible destruction of fragile natural areas. Such evil and destruction in the pursuit of money will not go unnoticed by God, and those in power will one day have to answer for this.

We are not exactly sure how, but in some way, fracking will also cause the partial eruption of the volcano beneath Yellowstone National Park. Pray that this does not happen, or at least that it will be a partial and not a full eruption. A full eruption is still also possible, but even a partial eruption of the great volcano beneath Yellowstone will be more terrible than any volcanic eruption in human written history. Such an eruption will bring great suffering to all the world, to the extent that most governments will cease to exist, and all humanity will struggle to survive from day to day.

There will also be an increase in the frequency of eruption of much smaller volcanoes before the Yellowstone National Park eruption. After the Yellowstone eruption, however, these smaller volcanoes will nearly go unnoticed by the masses.

It is almost not worth mentioning at this point, but due to the increasing rise in temperatures of Mother Earth, more and more glaciers will melt, causing rising sea levels, which will result in more flooding of coastal areas. There will also be an increase in flooding in the heartlands of nations due to prolonged rainstorms, many of them accompanied by powerful tornadoes. It will tragically become more commonplace for small towns and even cities to be wiped from the map.

While in some areas, massive amounts of rainfall will cause flooding, in other areas of the world, including the United States, there will be areas of massive drought. In the future, drinking water in these areas will become more valuable than gold. Even in areas with much flooding, there will be a shortage of drinking water due to the flood waters invading waste treatment plants and other polluted land areas and then spilling into the drinking water supplies.

During these terrible times, it will be dog eat dog, man against man. Many with guns will try to steal food from others less well-armed. What these thieves do not understand is that eventually their ammunition will run out, and in the end, their actions will be terminated by angry, frightened mobs.

There is no personal guarantee of anyone’s survival, but the best chance to survive these terrible times is to turn to God. During these dark days to come, there will be very little love left upon the earth, but those who have a better chance of survival will be the ones who trust God and do their best to try to love their neighbors as themselves. These people will band together to protect their communities and try to live in harmony with Mother Earth. While other communities based in fear will fail in the end, the communities based in love will have a better chance of surviving.

Today we can prepare for these dark days by doing our best to draw closer to God in whatever way that means for us. Stocking up on extra weapons and ammunition will, in the end, not save you or your family. To have a better chance for survival, you must stop thinking with an “us” versus “them” mentality.

It is best for you to try to form a community around you with your own neighbors. Get to know one another, and learn each other’s strengths and weaknesses, so that during the times of trouble, you will know how to help one another survive. The Faerie family reminds us again that it is good to learn to be successful gardeners growing food. (More information on emergency preparedness can be found here.) Store up food if you can, and try also to keep enough not only for your family, but for others who may come to you in need. It will be your faith in God and your love for your neighbor that will best help increase your chance for survival.

More About Future Earth Changes

The information below was given to us prior to 2015, and we regret to say it remains relevant for the future.

Earth Changes

Over the last few years, our Faerie family has given us much information about the coming times of tribulation for the United States and the world. We ourselves have seen some of the events they speak of in our own dreams and visions. The best result of frightening prophecies would be to cause people to change, so that the events do not need to happen. At the very least, forewarning can offer extra time to prepare for difficult events. That is what we hope to accomplish by sharing these prophecies. Let us all hope these events happen far in the future and that we all have more time. It is something to pray for – you do not have to accept fate. The Mother and Father are in control of fate, and they can alter things. There are many futures out there. We choose our own futures. With prayer, hope, and faith in the Creator, dire futures can be changed to become bright futures, full of joy and happiness.


What occurred on September 11, 2001 was but a reflection of what is to come. If there is any hope for the United States to lessen its future tribulations, all of the people who live in this land must turn back to the Mother and Father Creator and mend their ways. There is little that can be done to prevent the events to come except for mass prayer. Humans must perform right action toward Mother and Father Creator and Mother Earth and all her children, and this includes all animals, all green things, all rocks, all water and so on, for they are all children of Mother Earth and cousins of Humanity. If everyone in the United States were to turn back to the Mother and Father and pray for help, help would come, and your nation might be saved.

The United States

The United States will become involved in more wars. During this time, a series of three devastating storms will come to the United States.

All three storms are linked to Human actions. The first or the second storm may begin with a terrorist strike at one or more major U.S. cities. The U.S. is a great prize, and he who destroys it will be held in high esteem in certain circles. Your nation will have no time to respond. You will lose your capitol. You will lose your financial markets through the loss of New York. Politically, financially and geographically, your nation will be plunged into chaos. The explosions themselves will cause the formation of a terrible storm, which will bring enormous death and destruction. Though we see the potential for these strikes at New York and Washington, we see also that payment will be due from Humanity for its actions–actions which are causing the destruction of Mother Earth and her children, so that Human desires for merchant comforts can be satiated.

The East Coast

The first of the mighty storms will come to North Carolina. It may be a storm out of season, either manmade or a combination of man and nature. It will affect other states nearby, but the brunt of the storm will strike North Carolina. The storm may appear in the form of a great hurricane, which could even arrive in the winter months when hurricanes are not expected. This storm may begin as a category 4 hurricane, but, unlike a typical hurricane, as it crosses land, it will gain strength instead of losing it. It will be propelled forward by a second storm following behind, so that it becomes a category 5 storm. There will be extreme destruction of homes and land. The storm will affect the land at least as far as the Raleigh Triangle area and perhaps inland to Greensboro and possibly Winston-Salem. Thirty to forty percent of the housing in the Triangle area will be destroyed, and there will be few homes that do not sustain damage of some sort from this storm. The waters will move far inland, and they will not totally recede. There will be areas that remain covered by water. Thousands of people will flee following the storm, but state officials will say, come back, stay, we will rebuild and restore.

A second storm will come, very likely within a month of the first storm. By the time it comes, the atmosphere will be so turbulent that this second storm may consist of several storms all joining together to create one massive storm. Much land (including that of North and South Carolina) will disappear beneath the waters immediately. The coast of North Carolina will be completely underwater, as will the entire Triangle area, and, this time, the waters will not recede. The ocean will travel even farther inland, and there will be extensive flooding in the Greensboro area and possibly into Winston-Salem. After the first storm, people will be able to drive their cars away from the storm-struck areas, but, after this second storm, many people from the inland areas will be trudging up Interstate 40 with only what they can carry upon their backs. We do not speak here of those who return to the Raleigh area after the first storm and do not leave before the second storm’s arrival. The majority of those who make the choice to weather out the second storm will not survive it. A few islands will remain in that area, and some people will be clinging to the roofs of their houses, calling for help that may or may not arrive. Some people will climb into boats if they are available and drift slowly inland until they reach shore.

Finally, there comes a third storm, the Great Storm, that will strike perhaps within a year of the second storm. If Washington has somehow escaped the earlier storms, its destruction will occur at this time. The Great Storm will destroy the Eastern Seaboard of the United States. If New York still exists, the storm will take it.

A great wave will strike the shores of the East Coast. When first it comes to land, it will seem to those who see it that a great cloud is coming toward them, and they will wonder at its size. Then they will realize that it is actually a great wave. A beautiful, yet terrifying, sight, this wave will travel inland, shining and glittering with the debris it gathers as it passes across the land. When first it strikes the coast, it will be the size of Mount Everest, but as it moves inland, it will become slightly smaller, so that perhaps by the time it reaches 150 miles inland, it will be only the size of one of your skyscrapers. It will diminish somewhat as it travels farther inland, but it will cover all in its path. The rivers and the ocean will run red with blood. The waters will travel inland as far as the Eastern mountain ranges. Eventually, a coastline will form below the mountains, and some islands will surface, but the waters that cover the cities will not recede for hundreds of years. The waters will, in fact, grow deeper at a later time, when the land lying beneath the water drops lower.

The West Coast

Because of great earthquakes, some small areas of California will crumble off and fall into the ocean, but most of California, especially southern California, will bend down and sink into the ocean, for the land beneath the crust becomes porous like a loaf of bread. Many of those Californians who escape the devastation will flee to Phoenix, Arizona.

The Californians will compare the sinking of their land beneath the ocean to the sinking of Lemuria or Atlantis. Remember, this is a people who are distraught and overwhelmed with sorrow, and there will come spiritual teachers from California who will say that the beautiful, bright land of California was once actually part of Atlantis. The Californians who lost their beloved lands beneath the ocean will not care where the original Atlantis was truly located. All they will care about is how the sinking of their beloved California is so similar to the sinking of Atlantis. Within the living memory of these people, legends of California will become joined with legends of Atlantis. The pollution and crime and traffic jams, all the negative things of California, will be forgotten, while the beauty of California, its wine vineyards, spacious homes, and the memories of Hollywood and San Francisco will be changed into something like a fairyland. The Atlantean-Californians will claim that some day California will rise up out of the ocean as part of Atlantis, and everything that was good and beautiful about Atlantis-California will be reborn. Although everyone will still remember what California was truly like, they will be caught up in the mystery and magic of the legend.

The Phoenicians will at first welcome the Californians with open arms and hearts. Sadly, the land of Phoenix is already overwhelmed with too many people, and very shortly, perhaps weeks or a just few short months after the arrival of the Atlantean-Californians, water shortages and food shortages will become even more apparent, and it will be hard to care for the many new refugees. Within a very short time, what happened in California will begin to happen in Arizona. The earthquakes will continue and begin to affect Arizona, and the land will begin to sink further. The salt water ocean will begin to flow into the lowlands of Arizona. Yuma will go under rather quickly, at almost the same time as California. Sinkholes, massive craters, will begin to open up in the land of Arizona. The desert of Arizona will become like fiery quicksand in some areas. Fissures will open up, and it will be almost as if great fiery spouts of water and fire will explode from the land in places where people least expect it. It is hard for us to explain this, but Arizona will become like a crust of bread with the burned crust on top and with holes, pockets of air, beneath. There will be fire in the sky. The desert of Phoenix will become a land of water and fire and when the two meet, there will be great explosions of steam. A massive sinkhole will open next to Phoenix, and parts of Phoenix will fall into the sinkhole. Eventually, the sinkhole will grow greater and greater and swallow up all of Phoenix. It will appear as though a giant stone or meteor from the heavens fell and struck there. It seems to us, though, that the ground itself opened up, and it was not caused by a meteor.

While this is going on, there will be rumblings and volcanic activity in Washington and what is left of northern California. All the states around Arizona and California and Wyoming will suffer from earthquakes and volcanoes. The earthquakes will ripple out from these states across the entire United States, all the way to the East Coast. The skies will be darkened and the air will become toxic from clouds of steam, smoke, fire and ash. If the descendants of survivors were to return later and dig into the volcanic ash, they would discover ruins that would, in some ways, seem like a reminder of Pompeii — an advanced civilization with ashen vessels preserving the likeness of the people who died there.

Among the remaining Atlantean-Californians and Phoenicians will be people of light. Their spirits will shine brightly, and, before the total destruction of Phoenix, they will begin to lead people out. Though many of the travelers will be Christian, on their banners will be pictured a winged phoenix, a bird lifting out of the flames. And so, although many of the Californians will still call themselves Atlanteans, the symbol on both their and the Phoenicians’ makeshift banners will be the winged phoenix. Due to the path of the incoming waters, when these groups leave Phoenix, they will find that most of Texas has disappeared, and water will be flowing in from what was once the Gulf of Mexico. Water from the north, from what was once the Great Lakes, will be flowing downward. These refugees will have to travel east, then north, then south, then north, then south, then north, then finally east, and then south. Sometimes they will have a wide area of land to walk upon, while at other times, there will be only narrow strips. These travelers will also have to deal with adverse weather conditions — terrible storms creating hurricane force winds, tornadoes, and freak blizzards of blinding snow and slippery ice.

There will be rumblings across the entire United States. Perhaps 25 to 30% of Californians will survive when California sinks. Once they merge with the Phoenicians and the land of Phoenix begins to disappear, perhaps 70% of the California-Phoenicians will originally leave Phoenix with the guides of light. Of this 70% who leave, only 5-7% will survive to reach safe areas across the United States. This will be from no fault of their guides, but due to volcanoes, earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, snowstorms, flooding, raiding from other groups, and war.

During this time, there will also be war between the United States and the East — Russia and China, but mostly Russia. Russia will begin it, and then China will grudgingly join in, and this will happen at the beginning of the disaster, when California sinks. It is possible that the war starts the earthquake and volcanic activity, or perhaps it begins naturally — we aren’t sure, although what happens to the United States is both manmade and natural. Even if the explosions from the war do not cause the earthquakes, they will make the natural conditions worse. Although most of the war is conducted by missiles, there is a half-hearted attempt to land enemy forces upon U.S. shores. These soldiers leave quickly, however. This is due in part to the ongoing natural disasters, but they are also repelled by American heroes who push them back into the ocean.

A good portion of the group who survive the crossing of the land of America will join forces with King Arthur, who has returned. Their grand legends of the beauty and light of California and Phoenix are justified because of the good they do. Their epic journey across the flooding and burning lands of the United States, and the good they bring as they cross through troubled areas, is itself the stuff of legends. When these people of the light of the western states meet the light workers of the eastern states, they recognize one another as people touched by God.

War in the Heavens

There will be intruders in the skies, and a great war will be fought in the heavens. Much of this war will take place above the United States. Large objects will fall to Earth, and large craters will take the place of several major cities. Other smaller cities and towns will also be affected by the falling objects. This event will occur suddenly and unexpectedly and will be of just a few days’ duration. Unfortunately, the impact of the falling objects will have much the same effect as atomic explosions, causing the Earth changes to accelerate. Devastating earthquakes will occur in multiple locations. New volcanoes will appear in Wyoming, Arizona and New Mexico. There could be as many as 100 or more volcanoes erupting at the same time, some large, some small. The air will be dark and filled with smoke and fireballs. There will be heavy rains and extreme flooding. Because of the erupting volcanoes, the sky will be darkened, and it will be difficult to grow crops. It would be wise to lay in a year’s supply of food now.

Fair Folk

You are not alone on the Earth, and, following the war in the heavens, the veil between the spirit and physical world will be almost torn apart. Even before the war in the heavens, you will have strange sightings, but after that, the sightings will increase by leaps and bounds. The Dark Faerie will begin to pass through from the spirit lands to your physical world. Trolls, Hobgoblins, Ogres, Dark Elves–the beings of legend will become physical, and they will not be on a movie screen, but in your own backyards. Their purpose will be to murder, rape, pillage, take prisoners, and conquer lands. The Light Faerie will follow close behind them. Elves, Gnomes, Centaurs, and other warriors of the light will come to help Humans fight against their dark brethren.


Following the event in the heavens, the violence in the Middle East will intensify. Israel will be attacked by her Arab neighbors and by Russia. Russia will be pulled into the battle unwillingly, due in part to its alliances with the Arab countries, but also because of its wish for a return to the power and glory it believed it held during its days as the Soviet Union. Russia will come to believe that if it controls the oil fields, it will regain its influence in the world, along with its power and wealth. It will be Russia’s last frantic attempt to once again become a world power. China will become involved as well, sending a massive army under the pretext of acting as peacekeepers whose desire it is to stabilize the Middle East. Their true desire, however, will be to control the oil supplies, so that they may control the world.

Attacked from all sides, the nation of Israel will appear to be doomed. The United States, struggling with its own internal problems, is unlikely to be able to offer assistance. When it seems that the death of Israel and the Jewish people are at hand, the Mother and Father will intervene and save this small nation by an unexplainable fire from the sky. The enemies’ weapons and machines, whether they come from the sky or roll along the earth, will be destroyed utterly. Planes and tanks will explode. Russia’s military will be almost totally decimated, and the land outside Israel will become a sea composed of the decaying bodies of Russians. It will take years to bury the bodies, so great will the death toll be.

Though the tiny nation of Israel is saved by the intervention of the Mother and Father’s love, the Evil One will step out from the shadows and take credit for this miracle, though he had no hand in it. Though he may have made an appearance at an earlier time, now he will stand in full view upon the world’s stage. He will make a pact of peace between the surviving Arab nations and the nation of Israel.

Wormwood and the Tenth Planet

After the time of the great storms and the other events, Mother Earth will shudder and turn. This movement will cause the Sun to erupt with a great solar storm. This storm will be so intense that it will cause the other planets in the solar system to be jarred from their current orbits. Your scientists have recently confirmed the discovery of a very large tenth planet. This tenth planet will be pushed from its orbit by the solar storm, and it will crash hard into Jupiter. Pieces of Jupiter will be flung away, as well as many of the planetary bodies that currently orbit Jupiter. This tenth planet will keep moving forward, crashing into planets, pushing them, causing them to expand and contract, and causing pieces of the planets and their moons and orbiting bodies to be swept away.

Mother Earth will be struck by many, many objects, but one of the most devastating will be an object from Jupiter that will be the size of one of your states. It will come to be known as Wormwood, for, not only will it resemble a piece of wormy wood, but, when it strikes, it will unleash alien life forms into the Earth, which will bring new and lethal diseases. Other objects from Jupiter and the other planets will follow in Wormwood’s wake, some small, but some the size of cities.

Wormwood is spoken of in the Bible in the Book of Revelation.

“And the third angel sounded, and there fell a star from heaven, burning as though it were a lamp, and it fell upon the third part of the rivers and upon the fountains of waters;
“And the name of the star is called Wormwood; and the third part of the waters became wormwood; and many men died of the waters, because they were made bitter.” (Rev. 8:10-11)

Were Wormwood to be left alone to travel its own pathway, it might pass very near the Earth, but not actually strike her. However, it is likely that a nuclear missile or missiles will be launched to try to divert Wormwood and some of the other objects in the skies away from Earth. This will cause Wormwood to strike the Earth, and your skies will be lit up with flaming, red objects hurtling across the United States from East to West.

Unseen before, due to Wormwood and the other objects cluttering the skies, the tenth planet wiill suddenly appear. Your scientists will have to change their ideas of physics and planetary bodies after the arrival of this planet, if they even care. Were the tenth planet to strike the Earth, the Earth would be destroyed. Though the Earth will likely be spared this complete destruction, the magnetic pull from the planet’s passage will cause massive storms, flooding, volcanoes, hurricanes, tornadoes, and earthquakes.

After the passing of the tenth planet, Alaska will be covered by water. Canada will be covered by glaciers and ice. The Northern United States will be barely livable, with cold, harsh, snowy, icy winters; very short summers; and a climate much like that of Alaska now. The more mountainous areas of the Southern states will still be livable with a growing season. There will be other areas of the country where farming will still be possible, although many areas will be unlivable or underwater or still experiencing Earth changes.

You will find that the physical Earth will be surrounded by a ring of seven moons, the seven sisters. One of these sisters will be your current moon, who survives, battered, but still shining brightly in the sky. You will have moonlight from the seven sisters wherever you travel.


You may wonder how it could be possible for you to survive all the events of which we speak. The answer is through prayer and through preparation. If the Mother and Father and Jesus want you to survive, you will survive. Keep your eyes and ears open, and be prepared to move far inland. A strong heart, compassion, and bravery will be needed.

After the passing of the planet, the Evil One will seize complete and utter control of Europe. Though the U.S. by this time will be destroyed as a nation, there will still be hope, for many of the survivors will return to the Mother and Father Creator. Those who are Christians will find new faith in their beloved brother, Jesus. Their faith will be that of love and not of persecution. Because of this turning point, where Humans turn away from the darkness of the Evil One to the love of the Mother and Father, a young man will awaken, a young man once known as the Pendragon of Britain. He is the once and future king, who will hold back the darkness from the land of the Eagle until the return of the King of Kings, the Great High King, Jesus.

The nations of the East think America is done for, but, like the phoenix, the eagle will rise up out of the ashes. America will not rise as conquerors of the world, for that time is done, but America will rise up to become what your founding fathers meant it always to be — what God meant America to be. Out of the disaster and ashes, out of the flooding, smoke and fire, will rise a nation of light, an example to the world. Finally, the return of Jesus will bring peace and a new Golden Age for all lands and all people upon Mother Earth.