Haunted Appalachia

Our world is anything but mundane, but actually is full of miracles and magic. Throughout our lives, we encounter mystery. Some of these mysterious encounters are wonderful, while other encounters may be terrifying to us. However these mysterious encounters unfold in our experiences, we will always remember them for the rest of the days of our lives. Contrary to what our religious institutions, scientific leaders, and world politicians try to teach us, our modern world is still a place of endless, uncharted unknowns.

The websites listed here contain many stories of mysterious encounters that cannot be explained away by the modern world.

Mysteries of Appalachia

Haunted Places in Appalachia

Appalachian Ghosts

At these sites, you will come across the stories of wayward ghosts who still haunt the public places of their deaths, while other spirits refuse to move on after their deaths and continue to dwell in their beloved old homes. Some of these homes have now become bed and breakfasts or hotels. Guests staying in these haunted accommodations may encounter more then just clean towels and a chocolate mint upon their pillows. By reading these pages, you will at least be forewarned that you could be sharing your room with a ghost. Among these pages are also stories of ghost hunters, those folk who purposely desire to experience a ghostly encounter and then capture that encounter with cameras and voice recorders. In some strange way, these ghost hunters, in their quests to prove the existence of ghosts, become themselves the haunters of the ghosts.

You yourself may become a ghost hunter, seeking out the spirit world on the ghost walks and tours offered throughout the communities in the Appalachia, as you visit the mysterious and haunted places mentioned within these pages.

In your journey through these sites, you will also discover that there are Faeries dwelling in the misty blue mountains of Appalachia. Hopefully these stories of human encounters with the Appalachian Faerie will teach you at least one important thing–that when encountering the Faerie Folk, you should always be respectful of them and their habitat.

Perhaps using the words within these web pages as steppingstones, you will find yourself turned around and lost in a nearby labyrinth. Better for you to take a few deep breaths and relax. Let the stones guide you to the peaceful center of the labyrinth; then retrace your steps and bring that peace out with you to the outside world.

Finally, by reading these web pages you may find to your surprise that those loud crashing sounds in the middle of the night are not coming from a bear raiding your trashcan, but rather from a Bigfoot or Sasquatch looking for a midnight snack. Within these pages are stories of Sasquatch encounters in these mysterious Appalachia mountains, but, as any park rancher will tell you, it is best not to feed the bears or the Bigfoot.

I hope you find wonder and enchantment in these pages, and that your mind is set free from the world of the mundane. I pray that after you make your own journey to these mysterious and haunted places, you will return to the mundane world safe and sound in spirit, mind, and body, and that you will bring back with you your own tales of wonder.