Natural Flea Control

Coconut Oil | More | More | More | More | More | More  – Slather on to your dog if a flea appears

Dog baths – Helpful, but not a cure – best thing ever is a handheld shower attachment – makes it so much easier – the link goes to the one we bought on Amazon

Vacuuming Fleas – Vacuum at least once a week

Flea Combing – Daily until they’re gone and then less often to be sure they stay gone

Lufenuron from Little City Dogs for the cats – we give it once a month and it hasn’t caused problems for our cats – plan ahead to get it in their system before fleas arrive

Sentinel Flavor Tabs (contains Milbemycin Oxime, Lufenuron 230mg) for the dog – have used this heartworm/flea control  for years, but we don’t use the newer Sentinel Spectrum

Diatomaceous Earth | Diatomaceous Earth | Diatomaceous EarthEarthworks  | Plant Care TodayMore Info – good to put around the house, but be careful not to get it into animals’ eyes

Some other safer options:  Bragg’s Apple Cider Vinegar & Water – 50/50 mix | Beneficial Nematodes SC (Steinernema carpocapsae) . .  Arbico Organics (nematodes) | Flea trap instructions . . Flea Traps | Homemade Flea Powder . . Neem Leaf Powder or Tea (not the essential oil version) . . Also see many more websites with natural tips below the Pesticide warning section.

Allergies / Ear Infections / Hot Spots / Scratching

Pesticide-Based Flea Control and Other Drug Warnings:

More Natural Flea Control: