Faerie Spiritual Teachings

Celtic Christianity and the Fair Folk

Lily Fairy, 1888, by Luis Ricardo Falero [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons
The Fair Folk have taught us that God the Father does not exist alone, for the Mother Goddess is always by his side. Together they are parents to the Holy Child who once walked the Earth as a human known as Jesus Christ. The Holy Parents love humans beyond measure. They see them as their beloved children who have strayed far from the knowledge that they are much loved members (but not owners) of all creation.

It is the wish of the Holy Parents; their son, Jesus Christ; and his mother, Mary, that humans will choose to return to the loving arms of their family. It is also their wish that humans will learn to respect and give loving care to the Great Mother Earth and Father Pan.

The Four Stages of Transformation


Just as there are four seasons and four directions, there are four stages of transformation:

1. In the first stage of transformation, you find the spiritual teachings and become attracted to them. You witness them on the outside from hearing oral teachings or from reading them.

2. In the second stage of transformation, you uncap the forgotten well within and allow the water from the Holy Parents to flow into you. In so doing, you accept the teachings within yourself, allowing them to fill you.

3. In the third stage of transformation, you allow the teachings to transform your inner self from a dry, barren, empty chamber, or empty cup, into a Grail Cup–a spiritual vessel for the Holy Parents. You allow these spiritual living waters to flow into you and transform every strand or fiber of your being, spiritually or physically. In other words, you allow the healing of your spirit or body. Even if one’s body is ready to return to the Great Mother Earth, it can be healed to the degree that it is free to find joy and peace and light. The body can become a vessel to release the spirit to the Holy Parents, so that the spirit may come again if need be, or dwell in the land of peace forever.

4. In the fourth stage of transformation, you become so filled with the love of the Holy Parents and Jesus Christ and Mary that this living water fills your cup, and you become an overflowing Grail of the Holy Family’s love. The love spills out from you and flows out to others, so that you become a source of living water for all creation. You are like a flowing spring which brings life to those about you. The living water flows out of you in many ways, and one of these ways is through speaking. Another way is through physical action, such as assisting others in your community. A third way is through spiritual action, such as praying to the Holy Family for ones other than yourself.

The Origin of the Holy Grail


The Mother Goddess took it upon herself to give birth to creation in her womb, though it took both the Mother and the Father to create the first seed of life. Thus it is that the Holy Mother’s womb is the original Grail Cup. The Holy Child was the first part of Creation to be born, and the rest of Creation followed. The birth of spirit or the Holy Child came from the Holy Parents. Then they wove and created spirit-matter using earth, air, fire and water, and Creation passed from spirit to spirit-matter.

The Holy Grail first appeared upon the physical Earth as a depression within the Great Mother. It was not made by an object from space nor by the crown of Lucifer or by his physical striking of the Earth. One might say it was a depression created by the Holy Mother and Father, a great basin of rock bordered by earth. From this basin, the first waters sprang forth, and the first oceans came to be. It was the original fountain from which all life arose. This depression was located in an area between America and the British Isles.

After a time, the more peaceful children of the Holy Parents were forced to retreat before the encroaching human Barbarian hordes. They cried out to Mother Goddess and Father God for a vessel they could carry with them. Their pleas were granted, and the depression in the Earth was transformed into a large metal cauldron which could be transported from place to place. The vessel carriers then were both human and Fair Folk, and there are humans now who have never left the Garden. Thus, from a rock basin, a depression carved by the Holy Parents within the womb of the Great Mother Earth, the Grail was transformed into a pure metal container which would never rust. This container was made from a metal humans will never discover and which even we of the Faery cannot make.

The Holy Grail was once the cauldron of immortality. The vessel could be used to prepare the peoples’ food, and it would nourish both body and spirit, but it was also a vessel for healing. When the waters of the Great Mother were placed in the cauldron and then given to those who were wounded or sick, the waters would heal them. If one of the dead was placed within the vessel, he would be brought back to life.

At the time of Christ’s birth, his godmother, the Holy Mother Brighid, sought a suitable vessel for her godson to use as a drinking cup. In answer to her prayers, the Holy Parents caused the cauldron to be transformed into a simple drinking cup. Though this wooden cup would appear to be in a humbler state, it is in its most pure form. As Christ hung upon the cross, his mother, Mary, held the cup up to him to try to ease his thirst. Though he could not reach it, drops of his blood fell and mixed with the water within the cup. The mixture of Christ’s blood and the living water of the Holy Parents seeped into the molecules of the wood, and the cup was transformed. In its transformation, it became the fourth element—air or spirit—for Christ’s blood transformed it to its most pure form.

In each stage of the Grail’s transformation, all four elements are combined. The depression of rock was carved out by wind (the element of air), while water, fire and earth were already present. The metal cauldron was formed using earth, air, fire and water, and all four of those elements are present also in the wooden cup. The cup represents the Great Tree whose roots bury themselves deep in Mother Earth. The tree needs the sunshine (or fire) to grow for it receives energy from the sun. The tree also needs water to survive and air to breathe, which releases carbon dioxide. That makes the wood cup—in spirit, all is there.

The Holy Grail is now a simple wooden cup with no gems embedded in it; yet it shines more brightly than any gem found on the surface of the Earth. There is nothing humanity can find or create that will equal the Grail, for it shines with the love of the Father God and the Mother Goddess and the Holy Child Jesus, and his mother, Mary. It shines so brightly because, though the Grail Cup is more precious than anything found on Mother Earth, its contents are even more precious. It holds the living water for all humanity, the water from which all life flows. That living water is the love of the Holy Family.