Blessing Ceremony

To Care for You, Your Family and Your Home

To begin the blessing ceremony, walk to the center of your home. The fireplace was considered the center of the house during olden times, so you may wish to stand in front of your fireplace to do this blessing ceremony. If you have no fireplace, just stand in the center of your house. Obtain a wood or glass or pottery cup, and fill it with clear water. This cup will represent the Holy Grail or the living water which flows out from the Creator parents and sustains life throughout all Creation.

Hold your cup and pray to Mother and Father Creator asking them to bless your home and your family. Holding your hand up palm outward, turn in a circle and say, “Dear Holy Mother and Father, please seal this house from the innermost heart of my home to the outermost bounds of my property.” Then hold your hand up toward heaven and say, “Please seal this house from the highest peak in heaven,” and then touch the ground and say, “to the womb of Mother Earth. Please seal this house that the Evil One and his minions may not enter here.” Then, as you prepare to drink the water from the cup, say, “I drink this water as a toast to the Holy Family and to all Creation. I ask that you bless all Creation.” Then drink the water from the cup.

After this, you can say any other prayers or ask for blessings in whatever way is most comfortable for you. You might wish to do this blessing in the morning before leaving the house and in the evening before going to bed. If you have more than one family member, one person could do it at night and one in the morning. You can change the words of this ceremony to suit your own needs, but this will provide you with the basic steps for a house blessing.